Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cancellations to Jan 27th

Cancellations for Tuesday, Jan 27th

All Schools in the Alglophone South School District are Closed today.

All School District Offices are closed today.

The School Bus Training Course for the Alglophone School District is cancelled today.

All Maine State Offices are Closed today.

St. Croix Vocational Center and the Wood and Wardrobe Thrift Store is Closed today.

Charlotte Dial A Ride is cancelling all their Neibourhood connections today

Service Canada will be Closed today.

Family Resource Center is Closed today.

Bank Bank of Montreal in St. Stephen will be closed today.

RBC Bank in St. Stephen will not open till 11 this morning. (it will be reassessed later again this morning)

Scotia Bank in St. Andrews, St. George will be closed today.

The Co-Operators will be closed today.

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